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Interview video message from Paul Kibe, Teacher, Rware High School - conducted by Simon Wanda,  Associate Project Officer​, ASPnet​


Video of art piece, by Anna K., Ralleios School for Girls

"In my personal name and on behalf of all the UNESCO Associated Schools of the Republic of Guinea, we sympathize with the pain of the families experienced by this disease which has already claimed many victims throughout the world.

The education system is greatly suffering and this jeopardises the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 4).

In this regard, we remain united alongside teachers, pupils, parents of pupils and all the victims who have lost close relatives, friends and collaborators following this epidemic.

We pray that suitable solutions will be found by the international community in order to definitively eradicate this epidemic for a normal resumption of the functioning of our preschools, schools, professional and university establishments."​

Ibrahima Alpha BAH, Secretary General of the Guinean National Commission for UNESCO


We need to stay home and be cool.  We all want this virus to end and to get out of our homes.  Patience!!!

Lately, peoples' daily lives have changed rapidly, since Covid-19 started spreading around the globe. Therefore, it has been decided, that some very drastic measures should be taken for the benefit of humanity. These measures though have upset the whole population of the world. In our life, there have been many changes. Schools and universities have closed down and this has affected students' education. However, with the use of technology and online learning platforms, things have become much easier.

Many people don't realize the danger and as a consequence, the virus spreads quicker. Considering all the above, we can conclude that this particular virus is very harmful, and therefore we need to conform to the necessary measures in order to protect everyone and avoid major losses

All together we will be able to win the big battle against the coronavirus..!

Vivian D. - Stavroula V., Ralleios School for girls​

​ ​Spain

"Hello, fellow members of UNESCO schools.

A heartfelt greeting from the School Eduardo Pondal in Cangas, Galicia, Spain. Our school is small, with less than 500 students, located in a semi-rural area in the North of Spain, so we count ourselves lucky to enjoy the benefits of living in a rural and coastal area as well as having the advantage of the proximity to a big city.

As a result of our remoteness, the impact of the quarantine has not yet been devastating to our students. It will eventually have an impact on their elders' health and on their parents' income, but so far, we do not think the little ones are aware of the magnitude of the problem.

We have extremely dedicated staff, who are working very hard from home, and who are creating a collaborative virtual classroom that you can access through this linkhttp://eduardopondal.com/aula-virtual/. We are using blogs and other tools, and have asked parents for feedback on their access to technology and internet connection at home. We are communicating through all possible means, especially with those who have bad access.

If there is any way we can be of more help, please, let us know!

Looking forward to hearing from you."

Marieta Barral, Teacher, Colexio Eduardo Pondal, Spain