​​Session 2: "Going back to school, reimagining the futures of education"

​The second session focussed on sharing observations, feelings and lessons learned in regards to moving from confinement to de-confinement, to the new "normal", and how we reimagine the futures of education. The question for discussion was: How do we reimagine the organization of our schools and learning environments following this crisis?

Speakers from the ASPnet community shared their ideas on the future of education: 


"With 13 million children out of school in Nigeria before the pandemic we should not go back to normal"

Aisha Bunu, Student, 14 years old, Nigeria 


"I believe this [crisis] is an opportunity to think big, to be brave and to really make some bold decisions, when it comes to how we organize our education and learning"

Anne-Fleur Lurvink, English Teacher, the Netherlands 

"This crisis has truly shown me that the nature of learning is first and foremost rooted in social interaction and processes. That is why I believe social and emotional learning should be given a bigger emphasis in education"

Si Gao, Chinese Literature Teacher, China 

​"Isn't the solution to put [students] at the heart of change? We could rely on this autonomy gained during this health crisis and their dynamism to build something different. I think that together we have become aware of the interactions between health, education, inequality and the environment."


"For many countries that were already in conflict, this pandemic has just made a bad situation worse. We need to think about the society that we need to be and what kind of education that we should give our children to create that society"

Ms Aseel Jasim, Parent of four, Iraq

"Lessons learnt during this period of lockdown -such as blended and distance learning approaches, emphasis on social emotional skills and our thinking of Out of School Children- will shape key elements of education, and critical reflections on learning"

Simon Wanda, ASPnet team, moderator, session 2​