​​Video message from Fouzia Belhami, UNESCO Associated Schools Network, UNESCO HQ, Paris


Hello everyone everywhere and wherever you are,

Dear friends, colleagues and members of the UNESCO Associated Schools Network,

Today, I would like to thank you warmly and from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to respond to our call for Solidarity for Resilience, despite the difficult and unprecedented moments that we are all going through.

To you the National Coordinators,
To you students, teachers,
To you the directors of schools,

To all of you who are part of this wonderful united and united community,

And without forgetting you, parents!

Despite the confinements facing COVID-19 and this major health crisis, that affects us all and now, the whole planet, you wanted to bring your exceptional testimonies, share your feelings, exchange your concerns and your daily joys.

To date, we have received around 50 contributions from 23 countries and this is just the beginning!

And as always, we know we can count on you!

On behalf of the team of the International Coordination of the UNESCO Associated Schools Network, I thank you again and invite you to continue to promote this historic solidarity with your peers around the world which inspires each other and who wonder of friendship, sympathy and hope.

Join the UNESCO "LearningNeverStops" campaign and continue sharing your positive moments: learning, having fun, exchanging and enjoying your beautiful days.

And also stay connected with us, we are there for you.

​Take care of yourself and stay safe!

Thanks and see you soon ​