Fouzia-Belhami.PNG​​Biography of Fouzia Belhami

Fouzia Belhami joined the Associated Schools Network team in 2010 with the aim of promoting the image and communication of its stakeholders online. Her main task was driving the transformation of Network members' internal management, making admissions of new schools more effective, creating a dynamic place for the collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and practices between members, as well as making them more aware of how to support the mission and primary objectives of UNESCO and the United Nations.

For this purpose, she set up the first online tool dedicated to the network community in order to promote innovative activities and learning experiences at a local, national, regional and international level.

She is also responsible for coordinating and leading network members through projects, online campaigns, twinning projects, communication and visibility.

She joined UNESCO more than 27 years ago in the information and documentation service where she contributed to the development of traditional access to information in its collection, analysis and distribution internally and externally before being included in the beginnings of UNESCO 3W (World Wide Web).

In 2008 integrated a group of administrators, editors and web managers to help undertake the large presence of content from the Education Sector and UNESCO on the Internet.

Fouzia Belhami's career has experienced significant change.

She began as a graduate in Information Science, having studied the investigations and developments of skills in data management and digital information.

​In her life outside of work, she enjoys gardening, drawing, decorating and having fun with family and friends.​