Over the past decades, ASPnet flagship projects have contributed significantly to addressing the challenge of translating UN and UNESCO ideals and priorities into improved teaching and learning, as well as to producing innovative educational resources. They are large-scale regional or international pilot projects that mobilize member institutions across the entire network. By their very scope and duration, they enable acquired knowledge and experience to be passed on through training activities for teachers; youth fora for students and teachers; the production of teaching manuals; and the dissemination of good practices. In certain cases, they allow the incorporation of this knowledge and experience into school curricula. 

For more information, consult the UNESCO ASPnet Flagship Website.



A new Global Flagship Project on Climate Change Education is currently in development. CCE helps learners understand the causes and consequences of climate change, prepares them to live with climate change impacts, and encourages them to adopt more sustainable lifestyles.

Part of UNESCO's overall effort to address climate change, the flagship project will build on the outcomes of the International ASPnet Seminar "Getting climate-ready: ASPnet schools' response to climate change'", which took place on 7 and 8 December 2015 at UNESCO Headquarters.