Feedback and messages from the webinar participants

  • United Kingdom

Good afternoon everyone, I am Ann Beatty, ASPnet National Coordinator, U.K. It is great to be sharing learning together at this time.


  • Canada

Thank you for this informative and interesting opportunity to connect with students, parents, and educators from across the world. Thank you so much for coordinating this enlightening and transformative experience!
Linda Connor, Social Studies Curriculum Consultant, Instruction, Curriculum and Assessment Branch, Manitoba Education, Winnipeg, Canada

  • Kenya
    • ​Great Work ASPnet Team, we need more of this. I'm happy to see you my computer didn't allow Camera, I look for the next one! All the best, National Coordinator, Kenya

    • ​My appreciation for the wonderful webinar this afternoon. Great insights on the future of education and the role of digital learning were shared. I noted with sati​sfaction that the teacher is an irreplaceable component in the learning process! Hope to have more such fora, Teacher from Kenya
    • ​Hi all, I am a teacher in the ASPnet fraternity in Nairobi's Jamhuri Primary school and I write to register my appreciation for the the wonderful webinar this afternoon.  Great insights on the future of education and the role of digital learning were shared. I noted with satisfaction that the teacher is an irreplaceable component in the learning process! Hope to have more such fora. William 


  • Portugal

In lockdown since March, for us this is a complex process, constantly evolving. First, the shock and the complete change of approaches. We believe that despite all the valuable losses that occur in the situation, this is an excellent opportunity to take a big step in growing and improving our schools and the students' learning paths. It reinforces the students' autonomy and puts the stress on the teacher facilitator's role. This is something that is very hard to do, both for students and for teachers. On the one side, taking responsibilities, on the other side, letting go of some of the "power". This is also the moment to search for different ways of learning and improving things that we did already, but not to a big extent. The challenge of the future is to pick the good from confinement and take real measures to ensure equality of opportunities. This situation disclosed many fragilities in our reality.
Magda Borges, ASPnet School Coordinator, Agr. de Escolas Emídio Garcia, Bragança, Portugal

  • Finland

Just wanted to thank our hosts in Paris for this amazing opportunity of seeing and hearing you, and colleagues around the globe. Without the pandemic and the digital leap we would not be here today, so some good along with the bad. Hopefully a series of webinars will follow. Paula Mattila, National Coordinator for ASPnet, Finland


  • Mongolia

I would like to express my profound appreciation for ogranizing the first Global Webinar. It provided a great opportunity for the participants to not only share their good practices and experiences with online and remote learning, but also to deliberate on how we can collectively more towards a more inclusive and sustainable future based on our experiences with this unprecendented crisis. National Coordinator for ASPnet


  • Brazil

I transcribe here a message that we can say from here in Brazil: It is a time of great learning for educators. Today, one of the most important actions of the network's schools is the exchange of experiences. As there is no ideal model of action, the ideas and solutions of each school on the side of the world can help a lot to another. As Brazil is a very large country with many differences, this exchange is what we are promoting with schools here." Luiz Cruz. ASPnet and Teacher Training. São Paulo, Brazil

  • Hungary

Let me congratulate you and your entire team for this excellent initiative that helps to bring about the virtual ASPnet community around shared themes and ideals. From the rich interventions of the participants I particularly liked the issues of the transformation of curriculum in teacher training institutions, the strengthening of arts education, the importance of socio-emotional learning and digital literacy, and, more broadly, the need for human interaction and cooperation of stakeholders in education. Dr. Gábor SOÓS, Secretary-General, Hungarian National Commission for UNESCO

  • United Arab Emirates

We participated in the Global Webinar Forum regarding the virus covid 19 and its impact on distance learning. There were various posts around the world by teachers, supervisors, students and parents around the world where our knowledge enriched some points and our dear students touched the content of this forum.... Thank you very much ... For this valuable opportunity, my distinguished teachers, and thanks in particular Zainab ... May God bless your valuable efforts.
Jumana Hanoun, the coordinator of ASPent schools in the United Arab Emirate in Sharjah -Alkamal American international school

  • Greece
    •  "It was nice to realize that we all experienced the same difficulties, challenges, demands",

    • "The opening to the rest of the world is a fresh breeze",

    • "It was amazing to hear children from the other side of the world and to feel like my classmates",  (student)

    • "The second part of the teleconference where issues and concerns for the future and the goals of education were raised was of particular interest",

    • "Meeting people from so many different parts of the world sharing  their experiences and views was impressive and touching",

    • "For me is very important that when discussing the futures of education it was  made clear that the situation we are experiencing opens up alternative forms of education, where digital literacy dominates but building strong relationships between teachers, students and parents is paramount as well as the  provision of emotional and social support in a context of global solidarity "

    • "I was so glad to hear that we share the same thoughts about the role of teachers which is irreplaceable".

Various students and teachers​