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16 May 2018

How do you feel about being at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris today, for the International Day of Light?

  • Ángel Emir Zacarías Méndez: I am happy to be here and moved as well.
  • Maria Guadalupe Ramirez Reyes: I am very happy and grateful to be able to live such an experience. We would never have imagined this trip could happen for real.  

What memories will you keep from your visit to Paris and your participation in the International Day of Light? How do you plan to share these memories with the rest of the school community when you are back in Monterrey city (Mexico)?

  • Maria Guadalupe Ramirez Reyes: We will show our photos to students, teachers and parents in our school. We will organize a meeting to present all the things we saw and what we have experienced. We will also share our experience with the ASPnet National Coordination in Mexico and the other ASPnet schools in the Nuevo Leon State.

Did your participation in this special day inspire you to continue your work and to implement new activities related to Light?

  • Maria Guadalupe Ramirez Reyes: Yes, it boosted our motivation and that of my colleagues and students. As soon as there are calls for ASPnet events, we will apply to participate. We will motivate our students to participate in these activities, so that they can forget the violence they experience every day in their neighbourhoods and in their family context sometimes.

Did this experience changed your vision of your membership to the Associated Schools Network?

  • Maria Guadalupe Ramirez Reyes: Yes, it has changed our vision in the sense that we have so far felt part of a local/regional network of UNESCO Associated Schools. We did not think a Mexican public school like ours could be selected. With this experience, we can see that all ASPnet schools around the world are well eligible.