​Students from a Member School of the UNESCO Associated Schools Network join the Organization's digital campaign on the #RightToEducation

As members of the Network, they wanted to share:

  • Without education, there is no future.

  • Education is as important as health. Without that, we cannot live.

  • For inclusive and quality education.

  • For inclusive education in all senses, whether from the point of view of gender, class or society ...

  • Public education should be a right for all, including all "minorities": trans people, transvestites, women, the poor, blacks: everyone must have access to a dignified education.

  • Equal rights for all.

  • I believe that education must be public and secular for all.

  • I think the way of teaching should be inclusive and encourage people to study.

  • Educate creates strong, free men and women.

  • Strong, free men and women create progress, evolution, and technology for the world.

  • The number of people with access to quality education will then be directly proportional to the progress of the world: if education is not the same for all, how can we hope that progress will be amplified?

  • I would like to live in a world where education is like listening to music, traveling, and it does not hurt to listen to it, just feel it and feel fulfilled.
    Let the pencils continue to write ...