On 5 June, the World Environment Day is celebrated under the theme "Beat Plastic Pollution - If you can't reuse it, refuse it!"

UNESCO Associated Schools already conduct impressive projects everywhere in the world for recycling, replacing or banning plastic. These include artwork with recycled plastic, "green wall" plantations in old plastic bottles, campaigning in their local community to replace plastic bags with reusable ones, awareness-raising through photos and messages on the social media, or cleaning their neighbourhood, river or beach and taking all plastics to a recycling spot.

5 June is an opportunity to showcase these contributions to preserving the planet and to protect biodiversity, and to inspire other with ideas for action and for changing behavior and making the right choices.

In partnership with United Nations Environment (UNE) and the dancer and choreographer Blanca Li, an artist committed to sustainable development, UNESCO and its Associated Schools are mobilised to participate in a global dance event to mark the day!

Schools with teachers and students - Get ready, start rehearsing, perform your dances on 5 June and post your videos or photos using theses hashtags: #UNESCOASPnet, #WorldEnvironmentDay, #beatpollution, #Pollutiondance.

For planning further activities and events in schools, a Toolkit (in all UN languages) published by United Nations Environment can be used!

Let us Celebrate World Environment Day and dance to beat pollution.