Feedback from the participating ASPnet Teachers and Students in the the International Symposium and Policy Forum: "Cracking the code: girls' and women's education in STEM held in Bangkok, 28-30 August 2017.


Marcelo.jpg"Empowering women does not mean disempowering men. It's not a competition but walking side by side", Marcelo Luis from Argentina.



Inthila.jpg"I will tell my friends, teachers, family and community what I have learnt in this Symposium and explain them the importance of STEM subjects for girls and that it is not at all intended only for boys", Inthila from Lao (PDR).



Rodrigues.jpg"While it is true that the incentive girls contribute substantially to their success in STEM, it is true that this is the way", José and Rodrigues from Cabo Verde.



santiago.jpg"Helping get girls into STEM is very important; I will make aware of the things I've learnt to the educative community and talk about the importance of the knowledge of other cultures", Santiago from Argentina.



Tlida.jpg"Through the stories of these women of science where I feed my ambition, I opt for a scientific career. I think that all girls must realize their dreams despite social barriers and have courage and embrace the best careers in stem", Tilda from Lebanon.


Adelina.jpg"Nowadays, there is a global gender imbalance in STEM studies. I also found out by myself that a few girls only participate in the Olympiads contest and it is a pity. Personally, I believe that girls can become a new force of science, but need a lot of support" , Adelina from Russian Federation.


Ghinwa.jpg"I am honored to be a part of this symposium, an opportunity to expand my experience, develop my work skills for girls' education at STEM, and build relationships and work with others participants", Ghinwa from Lebanon.


Genevieve.jpg"STEM education is part of the global challenges and it is indispensable for empowering young people to contribute to sustainable development. As a teacher in the frontline, I will explicitly convey my students to the passion and the desire to work in this field", Geneviève from France.


 Letícia.jpg"While I was in the panels and workshops, I thought about my country, my school community and how can I improve quality of girl's education in my school, in my country", leticia from Brazil



Amandine.jpg"Thanks to this symposium, I had a wonderful and very enriching experience that I shared with my friends and family and to spread messages showing them that everything is possible and that girls are free to make their choice to integrate scientific studies", Amandine from France.