​​UNESCO invites the Associated Schools Network (ASPnet) to get involved in the Futures of Education initiative by organizing focus group discussions with school leaders, teachers, student and, if possible, parents. The period of focus group discussions (September-November) will culminate in a series of regional webinars (December) which will be organized to share the deliberations from the focus group discussions with ASPnet members from other countries and engage with experts and commission members from the Futures of Education Initiative.

The objective is to engage the ASPnet community in a debate to rethink education and shape the future. Key questions, such as how education, learning and knowledge need to be re-imagined in a world of increasing complexity, uncertainty and precarity as well as ASPnet's mission and work to foster global citizens s f or sustainable development will be central elements of discussion.

The insights gained through national and regional consultations will be synthesized for UNESCO's International Commission on the Futures of Education and will help to shape the global debate.

The Consultation Guidelines and the accompanying annexes provide general guidelines an d materials for the organizers and facilitators of national focus group discussions, as well as background information about the Futures of Education initiative. The guidelines are designed to provide a structure, including a PowerPoint template, for online and in-person focus group discussions. They also include a template for summarizing the results of focus group discussions and submitting them to UNESCO.

The Briefing Sessions for National Coordinators took place in the week of 7 September 2020. 92 participants from 55 countries joined for the English, French and Spanish sessions. The presentation given during the session provides an overview of the guidelines and contains additional information on potential scenarios for organizing national focus group discussions. A video recording of the session can provide useful information, particularly from the question answer session. If you plan to organize national focus group discussions, we would appreciate if you can respond to the survey.    

 Consultation Guidelines

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 Briefing Session

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