​Good morning to all, all over the world,

Dear National Coordinators, Dear Teachers, Dear Students, Dear Parents, Dear Members of Associated Schools,

I am Hélène Darne; I joined the ASPnet Unit over a year ago now and the first thing I would like to say is: "Thank you, thank you to each of you who, through your testimonies and share of experiences, make the network evolve in a spirit of solidarity, from one end of the globe to the other! The word "network", thanks to you, takes on its full meaning in this time of crisis related to COVID-19".

Second, I would like to pay tribute to you, the teachers, who have adapted to the health emergency, to the digital tool, and to the students and parents who often have to juggle between telework, when possible, and school support for their children.

However, how can we not think of these students totally disconnected from school for all the reasons we know? Without wanting to get into the details here, it is clear that digital technology is unfortunately revealing and deepening inequalities. This observation invites us to the question of the why of teaching. For the students who are most in difficulty (and who most often belong to the most modest circles of the population), without their teacher physically present in a classroom to support and stimulate them, they are more unable to perform the work required.

You, teachers, have a fundamental role to play in the very singular transmission of knowledge and the principle of equality is what gives meaning to your mission.

f the digital tool is a solution (that remains to be improved to a situation of health emergency, it will never replace your physical presence!

So, thanks again to all of you, take care of yourself and those you love and take advantage of this period of introspection to reflect on a better world with teaching, among other things, at the center of our reflection!

​See you soon!​