The UNESCO Associated Schools Network (ASPnet) in Trinidad and Tobago held two important events in October 2017:

  • a National Meeting for its member and schools interested in joining ASPnet, on October 3rd 2017 in Port of Spain; and
  • a pilot teacher training workshop on "Teaching Respect for All", on October 4th and 5th at the School of Education, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus.
  • 20171003_105629_37335362340_o.pngThe National Meeting saw the participation of seventy representatives from schools in Trinidad and Tobago and other stakeholders, who came together to discuss the role that the ASPnet can play in creating a better education system in T&T, as well as the ways in which the ASPnet can support teachers and students in becoming instruments of peace and development in the society. The meeting was co-facilitated by Omar Mohammed, National Coordinator of the UNESCO ASPnet and Sabine Detzel, the International Coordinator.

    Subsequent to the national meeting, Ms. Detzel met with the Honourable Anthony Garcia, Minister of Education and Mr. Harrilal Seecharan, Chief Education Officer of the Ministry of Education, to express her appreciation for the work of Trinidad and Tobago’s ASPnet members and to thank them for the commitment of the Ministry to supporting the work of the ASPnet in Trinidad and to discuss future prospects.


    The pilot teacher training workshop focused on applying the tools and strategies of the UNESCO’s Teaching Respect for All Implementation Guide. The Guide includes teaching materials and key principles that address active learning and teaching tolerance and respect. It used a participatory approach allowing educators to engage in learning activities designed to use the materials provided in the Implementation Guide across a range of settings, subjects and students. This training was facilitated by Dr. Helen Bond, Director of Howard University's Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Assessment (CETLA), and co-author of the UNESCO Implementation guide. UNESCO is considering the possibility of designing and implementing a larger training programme for ASPnet teachers and schools, using the guide, in 2018.

    "With this new phase of growth, and through its place in a global network of innovation and excellence, the UNESCO ASPnet in Trinidad and Tobago hopes to catalyse a new movement in education in Trinidad and Tobago that builds on the passion of our people to create the country for which we all hope", says Omar Mohammed.

    Participants of ASPnet Triniad and Tobago National Symposium.png