Over 250 UNESCO Associated Schools worldwide are to developing and implementing a comprehensive vision and action plan to integrate ESD and climate change principles into their school life and practices.

Within the framework of the initiative "Today for Tomorrow: Coordinating and Implementing the Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development", funded by the Government of Japan, ASPnet is piloting the implementation of the whole-school approach to ESD, with a particular focus on climate change. The objective of the project is to support selected ASPnet members in their efforts to become climate-friendly by taking broad action and by empowering young people to play an active role, inspire changes in their attitudes and behaviors, and help them adapt to climate change-related trends.

The Whole-School Approach Project aims to encourage the participating schools in targeting the effective practice of sustainability principles in four key dimensions: teaching content and methodology, school governance, campus and facility management, as well as cooperation with local partners and broader communities.

A dedicated online collaborative platform further enhances the opportunities for the participating schools to interact, learn as well as share their experiences, ideas and good practices, and materials developed through their manifold field experiences.

In its pilot-phase, since July 2016, the project has made strong advances in achieving enlarged engagement of school communities with implementing the whole-school approach to climate change, therefore inspiring their peers to join them in their efforts!