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Réseau des écoles associées de l'UNESCO

What we do

What we do

As the innovating arm of UNESCO, the UNESCO Associated Schools Network is a powerful tool for:

        • Taking to scale these good practices and demultiplying their dissemination to the members of the Network and beyond
        • Acting as a catalyst for international cooperation by encouraging joint activities, projects and campaigns amongst ASPnet members and with community members
        • Building solid and sustainable partnerships based on UNESCO and UN priority themes
        • Making concrete contributions to International Days, Weeks, Years and Decades


UNESCO-building.jpgTranslating UNESCO priorities at the school level

the globe.jpgPromoting UNESCO’s visibility

 activity-49-1.jpgServing as a reliable International Leading Laboratory for Quality Education

 Reading-in-the-mobile-era-global-education-magazine-acnur-unesco-640x360.pngIdentifying, experimenting and reporting on innovative educational content and practices